Friday, 16 January 2009

Deep Filled at G10 opens 24th Jan continues to 8th February

Pam Brabants, Emma Jane Hood, Karen Laycock and Martin Robinson

Contemporary Photography Drawing and Sculpture. An exhibition exploring autobiographical and fictionalised narratives.

Opening 24th Jan 6 - 9 pm

Pam Brabants, an Australian artist living in London, mixes autobiography and fiction in her drawings and embroideries, creating a broken narrative. Described as cartoon observations, they are both hard-boiled and heart-rending.

Emma Jane Hood in this new work of sculpture and photography casts the viewer as audience. Domestic objects are refigured centre stage and are caught in the stark and intimate scenes of a tragic play.

Martin Robinson explores the physical absorption of the photographic process. Through the manufacture of purpose built light gathering equipment, he has been able to produce insightful autobiographical images.

Karen Laycock’s new work has come from current research and media influence of pit bull type dogs and their owners. Her research is based on the personality of the owner. "The dog does reinforce the wall of protection, but it also reveals the person behind the persona" Karen’s new work is presented in the form of photography and video.

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jo thomas said...

There is a review of this exhibition in current issue of Spark by Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields. Spark is the Reading University's fortnightly student newspaper.