Wednesday, 28 January 2009

All Enquiries - G10

Deeply Filled is one of the last exhibitions to happen at G10 which in a year or so has become a popular gallery in the centre of town. It was set up in the spirit of generosity and make do; and is the sort of place that thrives when recession looms. It has shown work by over a 100 local artists, restored faith locally that there is some stunning work happening - a rare chance to see some it. So I thought I'd throw open the question - what next??

What do we want to see happening locally - is there any gossip /ideas of possible locations or any developers/businesses who would like to host G10 on another site? What is the legacy of G10? Does there need to be any follow on?


arttrumpet said...

A big thank you to Greg and Danny of the Purple Turtle for making this excellent space available to Reading artists, and to Suzanne and Zoe for administering it. It has really helped many of us to develop our work, make connections, find new opportunities and make new friends.

Felix said...

Yes, I'll second arttrumpet. G10 has been amazing; some of the best shows I've been to this year have been there and it is a very important resource for emerging artists who want to show their work in Reading.

Thanks so much to Suzanne and Zoe for handling the administration of the space and to Greg and Danny of Purple Turtle for making it available.

I think it would be great to continue the G10 theme in any venue that will have us and I am prepared to put in some legwork to make that happen. Am not certain what is involved but am keen to learn as I think this kind of venue is precious and worth working for.