Monday, 25 August 2008

Reading Experimental Film Festival...

01-02 November 2008 at The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading.

2 days of challenging films and installations is coming to town!
If you are interested in submitting your short film to be involved in the
event, then send a DVD copy (or VHS) or 16mm print to :
31 Alpine Street


Deadline: Friday 19th September

If you can imagine Bruce Connor, Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren, John Smith, Oliver Payne and Nick Relph, Andy Warhol, Tina Keane, Derek Jarman, Tacita Dean, Alain Resnais and Patrick Keiller all arguing over the bill for the curry then this is for you!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


A Slice of Contemporary Art showing at Gallery 10, 10 Gun Street, from Friday the 29th August until the 14th September 2008.

Cake is a show of selected artists from Reading and the surrounding areas, giving the viewer a taste of the upcoming talent that sits on our doorstep.

The Private View will be from 6.30pm on Friday the 29th August.

A perfect opportunity to meet the artists, view the work and have a glass of wine, accompanied by live music.

Selected artists:

Carla Wright produces drawings which focus on the relationship between the physical structure of architecture and the sense of place within. In these recent works churches and community buildings are meticulously re-created tile-by-tile and brick-by-brick, reminiscent of technical drawings but without the mathematical perfection of blueprints, reflecting the reality of short-life housing construction.

Zoe Anne Lakeman is a Bristol based illustrator who has recently graduated from the University of West of England. Inspired by the fluidity of fashion illustration and the bold colours displayed, she is interested in capturing vivid emotions and movement through minimal line.
Ruth O’Grady works in a range of media, predominantly Printmaking. She investigates borders and tensions between preconceived knowledge or belief and the accepted “truth” of rational thought. Her work centres on ideas of time, memory, exploration/discovery and the categorisation of artefacts.

Martha Spearpoint’s work, focuses on movement and the precarious balance of forces within a static form. Martha creates tactile pieces that exploit the expressive qualities of clay.
Andrew Sargant’s work (left) is a fusion between the handmade craft element of traditional ceramics and the aesthetic of contemporary sculptural practice. The results are sleek, highly polished pieces of table top ceramic sculpture.

Ian Mitchell is an artist who enjoys twisting the way we perceive western culture through contemporary eastern influences. Manga, Pop Art and Eastern Cinema have inspired him to create a visual language which both plays with our perceptions and disturbs them.

Gavin Larcombe fuses a super-realist aesthetic with sculpture to make work, which occupies the 2D and 3D world around us, thus creating work which, not only documents, but interacts with the viewer as they move around the space.

Paul Banks is an artist who enjoys communicating, with humour, through a varied use of media. He creates Magazines and Digital Works that deliver narratives commenting on the world he sees around him.

Alice Wilkins creates work based around presumption and expectation. We often treat the ‘everyday’ as a constant which cannot be transgressed. She addresses this issue by creating work quantified from her own life to represent how myriad choices we make daily shape our lives into completely individual experiences.

For more details regarding Cake, please contact Ian Mitchell at ianmydear8[at]

Cake is sponsored by Danny Fraifeld, Greg Muden and Steve Tait.

Monday, 11 August 2008

After the success of the Reveal show in July, Lauren Denney is putting together another exhibition in The Henley Exhibition Centre in November.

If you are interested in taking part please email Lauren with some photos of you work to

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Explore creativity and place in Berkshire
Guest Speaker, Richard Wentworth
Wednesday 19 November 2008, Reading Town Hall, 6 – 9 pm


What are we made of? is a new cultural event profiling the importance of creative practice in and for Berkshire. The 2008 event considers the relationship between creativity and place and is organised by arts consultant Louise O’Reilly( on behalf of the Berkshire Local Authority Arts Partnership with guest speaker Richard Wentworth ( We are seeking nominations for Berkshire voices to join Richard and make short presentations about what they (and Berkshire) are made of.

Richard says, “as part of our ambition to unearth all sorts of unseen activities across the county of Berkshire we thought it would be a good if it had some element of the chain letter where people could ‘put us on to someone else’. We would like people to nominate other people whose artistic and creative activity they find interesting. The area can be as broad as you like, across all media, self-taught, educated, but most importantly it should be energetic and vivacious. It can be intensely collaborative, extremely private, pursued out of simple curiosity, or commercial imperative. Like all digging the most important thing is not to worry what you might unearth bur rather enjoy the sheer variety of things that can be discovered.” Richard Wentworth

Please see the attached flyer & nomination form for further details or contact Louise at or . The deadline for nominations is 5.00 pm on Monday 8 September.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

13 Fathoms - opens 15th August

Artists working in response to text at the Turbine House, Blake's Lock, Reading.
Continues until 24th August.

Julia Rogers (above)

Jessie Brennan (below)

Encore WST

Encore WST

The Whiteknight Studio Trail – a community of local artists will be exhibiting their work from 9th August to 24th August 2008

Following the success of the annual Whiteknights Studio Trail, which offers members of the public the unique opportunity to view the work of over 30 contributing artists within their own homes, organisers have decided to present a selection of their work at Gallery 10, 10 Gun Street, Reading RG1 2JR.
Curators Trudie Middleton and Daniel Dunne are extremely excited by this upcoming show, as the recent studio trail attracted over 500 visitors. They believe that the "Encore" exhibition will help attract a wider audience to Reading's flourishing art scene.
This two week long exhibition will feature a diverse range of fine art, textiles, sculpture, photography, ceramics and crafts. The exhibition's preview night is Friday 8th August 6.30 – 9pm and will feature an intimate set from drum and bass fuelled jazz outfit The Om Corporation. It will also present the opportunity for the public to meet the artists and discuss their work.
Many thanks to Danny Fraifield, Greg Muden, Steve Tait for sponsorship and Zoe (Rogues Gallery) and Suzanne (Jelly Gallery) for their support.
For More Information


Exhibition curators: Daniel Dunne and Trudie Middleton

braziers international artists workshops 2008

braziers international artists workshops 2008
3-19 August 2008
Braziers Park Open Day 2008
Sunday 17 August, 3 - 7 pm
07970 224474/07956 876547 or 01491 680221

Braziers International Artists Workshop (BIAW) is an artist-led initiative set up in 1995 to introduce visual artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to each other, and to different means of production and practice. This year in a return to the workshop’s origins and in parallel, as a small tribute to the permanent Community that resides at Braziers Park, the emphasis will be on seeking creative solutions through collaboration and exchange.

BIAW provides a forum for dialogue between artists from many nationalities in an environment that enables them to engage in extraordinary discourse and high quality art making; becoming a valuable focal point in an artist’s development and generating numerous future opportunities.

Participating Artists
Edwina Ashton: UK; Jonathan Baldock: UK; Katy Beinart: UK; Hang Feng Chen: China; Sunoj Damodaran: India; Julia Defferary: UK; Steven Eastwood: UK; Ghalib El-Khaldi: Jordan; Evgenia Golant: Russia; Uraline Hager: U.S.A.; Ellie Harrison: UK; Isabelle Krieg: Switzerland; Olawole Lagunju: Nigeria; Yingyu Na: China; Barak Reiser: Germany; Chris Schiavo: U.S.A; Mia Taylor: UK; Pauline Thomas: UK;

Co-ordinating Artists: Anna Boggon, Nicola Gray, Keran James, Jordan McKenzie, Bernadette Moloney.