Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Film Made in Whitley

There will be a second showing of the Whitley Arts Festival 09’s major commission. The film 'Karpouziaaa' (Mark Aerial Waller) will be shown at John Madejski Academy, Northumberland Avenue in Whitley during their arts week on March 24th at 2.20pm. Admission is FREE. This will be its second outing, the film having received it's world premiere during the festival last October.
The film was made in Whitley and features people from the community as actors in the film. The doors will be open to anyone, so please feel free to invite anyone.

Mark Aerial Waller makes films and videos that reference cinema, providing both an interpretation and interruption of its history. With recourse to technological and narrative mechanisms, Waller stretches, reiterates and at times perverts the mainstream vocabulary of structure and dramatic staging. He selects very particular cameras, stock, transfer processes and camera shots through which to approach narrative time-based work with a painterly, self-referential touch.

Artist Mark Aerial Waller sets up a model for fresh food sales in South Reading. In Karpouziaaa, Waller proposes to bring a shopping idea from South European countries to South Reading: A salesperson drives slowly through residential areas calling attention to the goods over a loudspeaker. The salesperson’s voice becomes a bold rhythmic poem; a public voice usually associated with political canvassing and totalitarian Science Fiction states. The sales experiment, held for a single day at the end of September, is documented on video with participation of the community of Whitley. The realm of fantasy and poetry is made concrete for a day through the routine of buying and selling.

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