Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Changes, happening and events

When we originally stated to meet, Jo and I, it seemed such a small thing just to hang out once a month and escape from the *whatevers* that we may be doing and then more people came and then other things started to happen and people started to talk and plot and devise and suddenly there seems to be a lot happening round here.

This blog doesn't manage to do all the things we want it to do, to find things it's quite complex but it does store information and is a reminder of what there has been before. We are working on what the future of this online space will look like, how it might happen and what the purpose. It's taking time because we are so busy but it doesn't mean it's neglected, I'm reminded of it everyday that I use the internet for something or other and realise how the *networks* we have all created can grow and be improved. Maybe it's something we could all talk about at the next hang-on, or post a comment here?

A definite page would be too list the many events and exhibitions going on here ~ I know I sometimes thought not much happened round here but the proof is by the postings on here and emails. (speaking of which see the flyer for Julia's performance on Friday 12th June).

It'd be good to hear what you think, how we can amalgamate the information, show our work and continue to grow.

The next hang-on meet is Friday 29th May from 4.30pm, please come along and support us even earlier that day, here is the info about the day and the jelly studios, exhibition space.

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