Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Babylon at the Turbine House, Blake's Lock

Estelle Birch, Emma Tovey, Charlie Prentice, Michael Maskell, Gemma Baker, Sam Holroyd, Francesca Pattison

The artists have created work that links directly and indirectly with the history, myths and religion that Babylon has to offer.


Baz McCarthy said...

Complaint: I went to this with my girlfriend on Sunday 26th at about 12pm and there was nothing in there - you took it down a day early - there was even the sandwhich board outside advertising it! Boo :-((
P.S. Sunday is the day ordinary poeople are most likely to go to a gallery I would guess.

alabama whirly said...

Hi baz - sorry, we just publish info that is sent to us in good faith that the opening times are as stated. We will let the artists know and apologise again for your unnecessary trip

Baz McCarthy said...

OK thanks its just a shame I guess.
Do you guys have an email mailing list that is sent out when new events occur?