Tuesday, 17 March 2009


image courtesy of Richard Conway-Jones, a picture for you EVERY FRIDAY 10 -6 TWYFORD

It feels like there is a building momentum at the moment, I hope it's not just me that feels like that but I look where we all are as an un-cordinated group of artists getting things happen locally and regionally and how much we have changed in the past two years since Hang-On first started to happen.

We have contact points, regular mail outs, a blog to find info and gathering opportunities and working together in different ways. Many new things have happened including Gallery 10, arjeea21, just two minutes more, the new Wokingham Arts Independent Forum and changing the shop windows of Reading. Online networks such as the music space and then the Film Festival that happened last Autumn.

We want to keep building the momentum in as many ways as we can, supporting each other and strengthening the creative community here. Jo and I will be looking at how to extend the Hang-On and develop it so it works better for us all and to help us, please let us know what you'd like to see.

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