Monday, 1 December 2008

Review by Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields: On Our Watch

by Roxana Tohaneanu-Shields

One of the small cultural tragedies of Reading happened a few years ago: a very important contemporary art space for local artists, Jelly Leg’d Chicken Gallery closed. Recently though an extraordinary place has been available for local artists to set up art exhibitions. It is called Gallery 10 and is right in the middle of town, on Gun Street near the Purple Turtle overlooking the Minster Graveyard. I went last week to the private view of an unusual exhibition entitled On Our Watch. There are two local artists exhibiting Jo Thomas and Alex Buhagiar. I know both of them and their work from previous artistic encounters.
I think there are two kinds of artists: some very active who exhibit regularly, pumping blood into the artistic arteries of the town and others who are seen rarely while their creativity is hidden and protected. Jo Thomas and Alex Buhagiar are the first type of artists. Their work is not only about themselves but about everyone else. In their work there is a communal dedication and a love for physical places that is impressive. How many people do you know that are interested in creating art as a gift to you? The ‘On Our Watch’ exhibition is about us and our environment. Full Review in Comments ..

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