Monday, 11 August 2008

After the success of the Reveal show in July, Lauren Denney is putting together another exhibition in The Henley Exhibition Centre in November.

If you are interested in taking part please email Lauren with some photos of you work to


Lina said...

Hi my name is Lina and I just found hang-on-artists blogspot. I live in Reading and I'm a jewellery designer. Does that qualify me for being a hang-on artist? Just want to check before I show up at one of your meetings incase I'm not the kind of artis you would include.
Secondly I would love to take part at the Henley exhibition do you know if she accepts jewellery entries as well?

alabama whirly said...

of course, all artists are welcome ; )
I know that Lauren did have jewellers before, so I'd say give her a shout

Lina said...

Ah in that case I will definitly come by Picnic today, so if you see a lost looking soul that is probebly me :-)